In a Nutshell

This is an informational website for fans of SpaceX and space travel in general. Here you will find data on all recent, past and upcoming SpaceX missions, along with sections dedicated to the vehicles produced by SpaceX.

Furthermore, this site is a dedication to SpaceX, the vision of Elon Musk, and to all the hard-working people behind the scenes. Through their efforts, the boundaries of what is possible in rocket technology and space travel are challenged daily. Only a handful of years ago if you were to tell someone that a rocket would launch into space to then return and vertically land itself you may have received some strange looks. Now, this is commonplace all thanks to the efforts of SpaceX. And this is only the beginning!

Who created this?

SpaceX Mission Watch was created and is maintained by Quent McCoy, a web developer from the United States. Data for this site is provided by SpaceX-API which is maintained by Jake Meyer. Thank you Jake, this site would likely not exist without your efforts.

The Future

The hope is that over time this website will grow into a more robust experience for fans seeking knowledge on SpaceX missions, the vehicles they produce, and their history.

Technology Used

  • React JS
  • Gatsby JS
  • Netlify

DISCLAIMER: The creator and maintainers of this website have no affiliation with SpaceX. The content herein should be considered for educational purposes only. Photography used on this website is the property of SpaceX and can be found on the SpaceX Flickr Page.